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Gathering together as a city-wide movement is a very important part of building a sense of togetherness and inclusiveness. As we all serve and work towards the vision in our own areas and giftings, it is so important to stay connected to the bigger picture of what God is doing in the City. That is why we believe events are a vital part of our work as MTN.


  • YouCanMatter - City Women Conference
    Sat, 04 Mar
    A one day conference to discover how we can matter to ourselves, our families and our communities Join us for a day of learning, praying, creativity and fun together


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Environment Stream event
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Town Hall Meet on 06-04
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We believe God is calling us to work together to make Mumbai a better city for all. This is an extremely large vision and can be a difficult thing to grasp as leaders who have been serving each in our own specific areas. We want to take the time to serve all the leaders in the city by discovering together what a city vision really means for us in practical terms.


City Focus Events are a great platform for learning the tools of positive change; delving deeper into what that change looks like, why it is important and what it will take to see that happen in Mumbai. We all are exploring and learning this together. We are hosting these events in 5 regions to ensure every leader gets a chance to contribute and discuss these new ideas.



MTN was born out of a prayer summit and this event has continued to stay at the heart of who we are. We know that we can do nothing without prayer so we prioritise gathering leaders together for unified prayer throughout the year.

The Annual Prayer Summit is a city-wide retreat for 2-3 days when we take time out to be refreshed and transform ourselves before seeking God’s heart for the city of Mumbai. We have so much to celebrate each year and many stories to share, so this time is vital for reconnecting as a wider group and discerning the path for the coming year as leaders in the city.


One gathering per year is not enough, so we have Regional and Multi-lingual Prayer Summits throughout the year. We find these times are really important for deepening relationships and inviting even more leaders to connect with the MTN vision for transformation of the city.




After the success of the first Beyond event in 2019 we saw the need for leaders from across the city to gather and connect, with a focus on making a positive impact on the city. Beyond takes the same principles as our City Focus Events but at a city-wide level.


Beyond is a large-scale conference style event with short talks, panel interviews and round table discussion times where every person can share best practices, explore issues and raise questions. We will also be diving deeper into the MTN strategies with breakout groups to develop the Streams and Zones approaches. It is a great opportunity for us to dream bigger and go further together.



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