MTN is a movement of people who want to include you – whether you are a senior pastor, denominational leader or a young emerging leader in business. MTN invites you to become a co-owning participant in this network as you serve alongside many others.
You are needed by the movement (because you are unique and gifted) and you will be stretched and sanctified by God as you interact with those different from you and take on the mantle of your own God-given role in this city movement.
There are three main pathways for being a part of MTN: ZONES, STREAMS and EVENTS. We look forward to serving the city with you.


Mumbai is a vast and complex city. We know that God has placed each leader, church and ministry in specific localities within the city for a purpose and we believe that our Kingdom-calling - to serve every part of the city - will be realized with much greater impact when we get together at a local level.


Zones facilitate real change over a period of time through people gaining trust, sharing ideas, and going beyond their preconceptions to the real issues underlying community needs. This transformation will happen at a neighbourhood level when churches, leaders, individuals, organizations, families, ministries and all other Christ-centered groups work together as one alongside leaders and groups from every sphere of city life. No one church or ministry can transform the whole city by themselves but when we work together we can - that’s what an MTN Zone does.


So, we urge you to consider your calling to your local community where God has placed you and we invite you to join us as we seek God’s answers to the needs in our neighbourhoods.



Transformation will happen through churches not being hidden from the city but by being engaged with the city in a positive way – that makes the city a better place for all people.


Are you a Christian leader who is passionate about seeing transformation in Civic Engagement, Business & Finance, Family & Community, Arts, Media & Entertainment, Education, Health & Wellbeing, Religion, Social Sector or Urban Issues? We would love to connect you to others who share your passion so you can work together with them in a Stream.



Gathering together as a city-wide movement is a very important part of building a sense of togetherness and inclusiveness. As we all serve and work towards the transformation vision in our own areas and giftings, it is so important to stay connected to the bigger picture of what God is doing in the City. That is why we believe events are a vital part of our work as MTN.


Would you like to delve deeper into the city vision? Pray with other leaders in the city for the transformation of Mumbai? Get connected to a long-term vision with others who share your passion? Check our MTN Events Calendar and get these dates in your diary.